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NAKED and Proud!

Let's get NAKED! It's only natural.

We only source the highest quality natural ingredients. Our recipes contain meat, fruit, veg, herbs, spices, and oils. That's it.

Our recipes are balanced and complete because of our carefully curated fully natural recipes. This means we don't use any artificial pre-mix (like many other dog foods).

So...come and get NAKED with us...it is ONLY natural...

NAKEDDOG - Laid Bare

At NAKED DOG we work every day to create and produce the best quality frozen raw dog food.

We are all dog owners; and believe that what we feed our dogs is just as important as what we feed ourselves.

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Naked Dog

Any Questions?

When can I switch my puppy to adult meals?

Most puppies switch between 10-13 months depending on the breed and individual growth rate. Our Naked Pup range is blended much finer than our Adult ranges. It also contains Chicory to support your Puppy's digestion system.

The meat percentage is greater in our Naked Pup range meaning more protein is available to your puppy for growth and maintenance.

Can raw food be fed to any age or breed of dog?

All dogs have the same digestive system regardless of shape, size or breed; so yes, raw food is great for any dog.

It is never too late to switch a dog to fresh food either.

How long will the food keep in the fridge?

The food is quite safe to keep in the fridge. It will last the same time frame as your own meat does. This is usually 3-4 days.

Always follow the same hygiene rules as your own human-grade raw meat. After preparation, always wash down surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner and thoroughly wash your hands.

What is the texture of your foods?

Our range is aimed to be a medium ground mince. Neither fine nor what is described as chunky. You can see many images, including videos, of open Naked Dog tubs of food on our social media channels.

Are there any additives in your raw food?

Our raw is completely artificial additive and preservative free. Nothing in there but completely natural ingredients. Raw food how it should be.

Why are naked dog the best?

At Naked Dog we strive to keep your dog healthy and happy. That’s why we think raw is best and provide an additive-free, unadulterated, wholesome and nutritional raw food for your dogs.

We have over 40 years experience creating meals with meat, your dog is in safe hands with Naked Dog. All of our products are carefully created to give your dog the best quality ingredients to improve their health and vitality… and they love the recipes too! Trust us; our family of pooches have tested them and they passed the woof-o-meter.

How do I transition my dog to Naked Dog raw meals?

We recommend dogs miss one meal (evening is best), then are fed the new Naked Dog food the next morning.

There may be a slight stool change, often it becomes harder and whiter. Whiter stools are safe and due to the bone content of the food. Your dog may also drink less on a raw diet as the food naturally is more hydrated.