We’re passionate about giving dogs the best food possible!

NAKED DOG is an independent family owned business

Before NAKED DOG we spent over 50 years in the meat trade: supplying the finest meat cuts for humans across the length and breadth of the UK. We built a strong reputation for the highest quality food and became experts in the industry.

We are also lifelong dog lovers and believe that what we
feed our dogs is just as important as what we feed ourselves. That’s why we started NAKED DOG – so that we could use our expertise to create and produce the highest quality, real, fresh, and delicious meals for dogs.

Years of knowledge and experience in the meat trade means that NAKED DOG know how to create and produce high quality raw dog food better than anyone.

We never compromise on quality. We use the finest suppliers and ingredients, and our production process is industry leading.

Dogs are at the heart of everything we do. Our food is created solely with a dog’s need in mind. Nothing more, nothing less.

We celebrate dogs in every shape and size. We have created a variety of complete and complementary recipes to support every dogs requirement.

Family comes first. We are a family run business and we believe in supporting local communities and businesses. Especially Pet Shops the length and breadth of the country.

We tell the NAKED truth. We are transparent about our
manufacturing, our recipes, and our business. Please always contact us if you’d like to ask us about the food we produce, and how it might benefit your dog.