Why Raw?

At NAKED DOG we are passionate about feeding raw food...and here is why.

What the Professionals say

We all know the importance and value of eating real, fresh, whole foods instead of processed foods. This is just as important for
dogs as it is for humans.

Dogs have a unique gastrointestinal system that breaks down pray (meat AND bones), alongside plant matter.

In 1993, Dr Ian Billinghurst applied his years of veterinary experience and research began advocating for a BARF diet for dogs –
Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. He started a revolution in raw food based on
the principle that dogs would thrive if they ate fresh, real, raw food (just as they would in the wild).

What the Dogs say

Dogs show us every day that a real, fresh, raw diet is best. Through our nutrition centre we see improvement in itchy skin, digestive issues, paw chewing, obesity, and dental health.

Our NAKED DOG raw food is not processed like many other dog foods. Ingredients are mixed together, put into our safe and easy-to-use tubs, and kept frozen throughout. This means that feeding our raw dog food reduces stomach sensitivity; the food is as nature intended.

Our frozen process also means ingredients stay completely safe, and they maximise bioavailability of nutrients. This means
that when your dog tucks into a NAKED DOG meal, you know it is as fresh and nutritious as it is possible to be.

You’ll also be in no doubt that your dog loves it! As well as being totally delicious, your dog will dive in as their instincts tell them how good it is too.

Every day we love to hear stories of dogs our NAKED DOG food has helped.  Please share your story with us too.

Raw Safety

The safety of our food is at the heart of everything we do.

Our UK Pet Food Raw Certification is a market leading audit which demonstrates the extra lengths we go to to ensure the safety of our food.

Our range is produced, packaged, stored, and delivered at frozen temperatures. This means there is no opportunity for bacteria growth, as well as preserving the nutrients available from the food.

Our tubs and lids mean that you can safely portion out your dog's meal and then put the lid back on the food, and store it safely in the fridge for up to four days. The tub and lid means you do not have to cross-contaminate anything in your kitchen.

We always recommend practicing good kitchen hygiene - such as you would for your own food. Including washing utensils and dog bowls.