The NAKED DOG Difference

At NAKED DOG we pride ourselves on making the highest quality, safest, most delicious and nutritious meals for your dog. Read below how we go the extra mile every day.

Family first

We are a family run, independent business. This means that we can focus on what's important - producing the highest quality raw dog food with the highest quality ingredients.

We support all of our suppliers, customers, and staff because we believe in always doing the right thing by the people we work well as their dogs of course!

  • Easy to use

    Our fuss-free tub and lid mean that you can portion out your dog's food and then pop the lid back on and keep it safely in the fridge for up to four days.

  • Safe

    Our tubs and lids mean there is never any need for our raw dog food to touch any of your kitchen surfaces or containers. Popping the lid back on means you can store NAKED DOG safely.

  • Recyclable

    Our tub and lid is the safest and easiest way to feed raw dog food - but don't worry we've thought about the environment too! They are made from recycled plastic, and fully recyclable.

Get's Completely Natural

Except for our PURE range, all of our recipes are complete and balanced. This means they give your dog everything they need for a full, happy, and healthy life.

But unlike other brands we don't use ANY artificial ingredients. Our recipes are complete by virtue only of the ingredients that go into them. This means you can recognise everything on our ingredients list as something you might have in your own kitchen!

UK Pet Food Raw Certified

Our UK Pet Food Raw Manufacturers Certificate demonstrates the exceptional 'above-and-beyond' standards that we meet everyday.

This certificate audits our suppliers, our production, our storage, and our distribution.

We were the first brand the achieve this status and we are very proud to maintain these exceptional standards every day.

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