Quality and Environment

We put love and care into everything we do to ensure dog food quality!

Sourcing our ingredients

We deal directly with our suppliers, so we know exactly where our ingredients come from. This allows us to check that all of our ingredients are 100% accurate. We think your dog deserves to eat just as well as you do, which is why we only use human grade meat.

Made to Perfection

We’ve been producing and working with meat for over 40 years. This gives us a great deal of experience in perfecting what we do. Our new recipes have been created with your dog’s needs in mind. This is reflected in the quality of ingredients through our Naked Dog ranges.

Nothing artificial, everything essential

All of our recipes are madewithout artificial ingredients. We only add natural products to our recipes, for example turmeric, black pepper and spirulina. We think a dog’s food should be just as nature intended, artificial-free and raw. Our food is 100% fresh and grain & gluten free.

Respecting our countryside

Here in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, we are acutely aware of our impact on the local environment and beyond. We are constantly reviewing new packing ideas as the technology develops, and we welcome the time when fully leak-proof packaging can be compostable too.

With us there are no polystyrene boxes. We pride ourselves on our no online sales ethics, meaning you can choose how you transport your dogs food home, reducing their carbon paw print direct from purchase.

Packaged responsibly

Our tub and lids are moulded from a single material, polypropylene (PP), which is fully approved for direct food contact. PP is officially “widely recyclable” meaning that more than 75% of local authorities in the UK collect the material directly from households for recycling.

The Naked Dog pack is moulded in a white PP making it easy for recycling companies to sort automatically, unlike black plastics which cannot be sorted automatically and hence generally end up in landfill.