Since they evolved from the wild, dogs have been eating a diet of raw food.


When can I switch my puppy to the adult meals?

Most puppies switch between 10-13 months depending on the breed and individual growth rate. Our Naked Pup range is blended much finer than our Adult ranges. It also contains Chicory to support your Puppies digestion system.

The meat percentage is greater in our Naked Pup range meaning more protein is available to your puppy for growth and maintenance.

What is the bone content of your foods?

Our foods have a maximum of 10% bone content.

What are your Green Vegetables?

Our green vegetables are seasonal, usually kale and sometimes green cabbage. In the wild, wolves and dogs are self-selectors too and will feed on grass, greens, berries and other certain fruits. That’s why we include some digestible vitamin rich plants in our meals.

What is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass is just-sprouted grass shoots. It is not a grain and has a different make-up to wheat itself. We include this superfood ingredient in small amounts in many of our recipes. It provides natural, absorbable vitamins, antioxidants and minerals your dog needs in our modern more polluted world.
In the wild, wolves and dogs are self-selectors and will feed on grass, greens, berries and other certain fruits.

Are there any additives in your raw food?

Our raw is completely free of artificial additives and preservatives. Nothing in there but completely natural ingredients. Raw food how it should be.

Do you have a low phosphorus option?

We do not have a food specifically labelled as low phosphorus. However, we do have a dedicated veterinary nutrition centre, offering online consultations for dogs with kidney diseases, or ailments related to low phosphorus requirements. The aim being to support you to feed fresh food to support those ailments.

Can raw food be fed to any age or breed of dog?

All dogs have the same digestive system regardless of shape, size or breed; so yes, raw is great for any dogs.

It is never too late to switch a dog to fresh food either.

What is the fat content of your raw foods?

Almost all of our range of raw meals are under 10% fat.

Only the following are higher:

Naked Pup Beef is higher at 13.4%.

Active Duck and Active Goose at 12% and Lamb Pure at 14%

Can I feed kibble processed food with Naked Dog raw meals?

We never recommend this. Your dog’s stomach is specifically designed to break down bone content and bacteria efficiently. As processed food moves through the digestive system more slowly, the bacteria from the raw food is delayed in its journey by the processed food. To transition simply, fast your dog for one meal, and straight switch to the new raw meals at the next meal. This is the safest way.

Why does my dog drink less water when fed raw food?

Your dog may drink less water when fed raw. This is because of the much higher moisture content. Always have plenty of water available for your dog. They will only drink as much as they need.

How long will Naked Dog food keep in the fridge?

The food is quite safe to keep in the fridge. It will last the same time frame as your own meat does in your individual fridge. This is usually 3-4 days.

Always follow the same hygiene rules as your own human-grade raw meat. After preparation, always wash down surfaces with an anti-bacterial cleaner and thoroughly wash your hands.

Is your meat sourced from the UK?

Where possible, we source our meat locally, and then nationally from the UK. However, across the whole raw pet food industry certain regulations or limitations means some types of meat, for instance Rabbit, do need to be sourced from the EU.

Why is Naked Dog the best?

At Naked Dog we strive to keep your dog healthy and happy. That’s why we think raw is best and provide an additive-free, unadulterated, wholesome and nutritional raw food for your dogs. We have over 40 years experience creating meals with meat, your dog is in safe hands with Naked Dog. All of our products are carefully created to give your dog the best quality ingredients to improve their health and vitality…and they love the recipes too! Trust us; our family of pooches have tested them and they passed the woof-o-meter.

Are Naked Dog tubs recyclable?

Yes. Our tub and lids are moulded from a single material, polypropylene (PP). PP is officially “widely recyclable” meaning that more than 75% of local authorities in the UK collect the material directly from households for recycling.

Find out more about what Naked Dog is doing to protect the environment here.

Can I send the Tubs back for you to use again?

Due to the raw nature of the food we are not able to trade with re-used tubs. These can be recycled in your local recycling collections.

Can an adult dog eat the puppy range?

Yes. Our Naked Pup range is a finer blend which can actually suit some dogs, especially older dogs who may have less teeth.

The chicory and the Naked Pup protein contents are suitable for dogs of any age.

Do you offer single proteins?

Our Pure range is aimed to be pure meat with no fruit or vegetables. All of these are single protein. A recent but discountinued recipe of Venison with Beef may still be found in some stockists.

Our Naked Pup range includes some fruits and vegetables and are single protein meats but with the addition of a small amount of Salmon Oil.

What is the texture of your foods?

Our range is aimed to be a a medium ground mince. Neither fine nor what is described as chunky.

You can see many images, including video, of open Naked Dog tubs of food on our social media channels.

What is the best meal to start with?

Our range offers a variety meaning, once you have avoided any known intolerances, your dog can have any of the meals, or meats, we offer. We recommended a dog enjoys a variety of different protein sources where possible.

How do I transition my dog to Naked Dog raw meals?

We recommend dogs miss one meal (evening is best), then are fed the new Naked Dog food the next morning.

There may be a slight stool change, often it becomes harder and whiter. Whiter stools are safe and due to the bone content of the food. Your dog may also drink less on a raw diet as the food naturally is more hydrated.

Do you offer samples?

As our food is raw frozen, we do not send out samples. However we are stocked in over 150 stores nationwide, so picking up a tub to try is easy. Dogs very rarely turn their nose up at fresh, real meat food!

What bacteria is within raw food?

Our range is produced, packaged, stored and delivered at frozen temperatures. This ensures the bacteria count is as low as possible. It may be worth noting that meat you buy from a fridge in a supermarket will bring more bacteria into the household as it is purchased warmer than a frozen product.

*We strongly recommend practicing good hygiene for both types of meat*

Dogs have a strong stomach acid that can handle bacteria we are not able to, effectively acting as the ‘kill step’ that our cooking processes do for the meat we eat.

Dogs also very rarely leave fresh food in their bowl. Collecting the bowl from the floor and washing should be an important part of your daily hygiene practices.

Is your raw dog food Complete?

Our Raw meals are Complete and Balanced to what are known as the Fediaf guidelines, which are EU the guidelines for a commercial pet food.

Created with fresh, uncooked, ingredients, our meals also contain the nutrients not included on those guidelines such as the essential fatty acids (eg. Omega 3) and the multitude of powerful antioxidants in fresh plant nutrition.

Only our Pure Meals are labelled Complementary as they do not meet the Fediaf guidelines for a commercially Complete food. (Please visit our Blog to understand the difference between a Complete and Complementary food.) We have created a supplement that, once added to our Pure meals, supports your dog to receive everything they need from their daily Pure meals. This is our The Answer supplement.