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Why Raw Dog Food?

Why Raw Dog Food? Lets look at the evidence...


What the Professionals say

Professional nutrition experts, famous TV Chefs and even our own Doctors remind us, almost daily, of the value in eating fresh, real food.

Choose wholefoods over processed foods, they say. Eat your 5 a day! It is very rare indeed to find a health professional reminding us to eat processed foods. They know that the omega fats are unbalanced and that we always reach health better absorbing natural versions of nutrients.

In line with the UK governments new National Food Strategy we believe all members of your household will be healthier eating a diet of fresh, real, wholefoods. For your dogs this is most easily achieved feeding the food raw so you can include all the minerals and nutrients they can only get from meat with ground bone.

What the Biology says

Dogs have a unique gastrointestinal system that’s specifically designed to break down prey meat and bones with occasional wild plant matter.

But it wasn’t until 1993, after years of clinical experience and research, that an Australian vet named Dr Ian Billinghurst began advocating returning to a more natural, raw food diet for dogs. He called his feeding suggestions the BARF diet, an acronym that stands for Bones and Raw Food, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.

Billinghurst suggested that dogs would thrive on a diet based on fresh, real food, just as they would eat in the wild. Processed foods, he contended, were harmful to a dog’s health.

Today, hundreds more veterinary professionals understand and promote this logical, biologically sound way to feed our dogs.

Raw Dog Food

What the Dogs say

Dogs love food, that much we know. Of all foods, dogs love meat the most. Their instincts tell them that it’s not just delicious, it’s great for them too!

As Facultative Carnivores this is no surprise really.

Through our Nutrition Centre, our nutrition consultant and Vet see the difference feeding fresh, real food has for dogs, noting ailments or concerns changing once a raw diet is started. The raw diet is noted to remedy: skin issues in dogs, itchy dogs, dogs with Pancreatitis, canine digestive issues, anal gland emptying, obesity, paw chewing and many more. Raw dog food is also the key to supporting a sensitive stomach to change. It’s the processed food that often creates the sensitivity.

Time and time again, it’s the dogs who show us that fresh, raw dog food is best.

The Truth

Raw is a safe way to feed dogs

Our range is produced, packaged, stored and delivered at frozen temperatures. This ensures the bacteria count is as low as possible. It may be worth noting that meat you buy from a fridge in a supermarket will bring more bacteria into the household as it is purchased warmer than a frozen product.
*We strongly recommend practicing good hygiene for both types of meat*

Dogs have a strong stomach acid that can handle bacteria we are not able to. Effectively acting as the ‘kill step’ that our cooking processes do for the meat we eat.

Dogs also very rarely leave fresh food in their bowl. Collecting the bowl from the floor and washing it should be an important part of your daily hygiene practices.

What is a raw food diet?

A raw dog food diet typically consists of:

Benefits of a raw food diet…

Eating raw food is well known to provide your dogs with a long list of benefits, these include:

Here’s how real food makes a real difference

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