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Raw Dog Food
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Raw Dog Food
Dog Food UK - What are the options available?

Before you go shopping for the perfect dog food brand, it would be prudent to get an idea of the different types of dog food types available. Dog food mainly comes in 3 types: dry food, wet food, cooked fresh and fresh raw. Dry food comes as either biscuits or kibbles or pellets. Wet food comes in the form of jelly chunks or as a gravy sauce. Both Fresh cooked and Raw food is usually frozen raw meat and has additional nutrients that are lost during the processing of Dry or Wet pet foods.

Dog foods will be labelled as either Complementary or Complete. A Complimentary meal will usually only contain a portion of the nutrients required by your dog and you will have to provide other food alongside it. A Complete meal, on the other hand, meets the nutritional guidelines set out by the European standards for commercial dog food, known as the Fediaf Guidelines.
Fresh Raw dog food will always contain extra nutrition not included in the Guidelines, such as Omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants and vitamin C for instance.

Dog Food UK - Frequently Asked Questions
We recommend dogs miss one meal (evening is best), then are fed the new Naked Dog food the next morning. There may be a slight stool change, often it becomes harder and whiter. Whiter stools are safe and due to the bone content of the food. Your dog may also drink less on a raw diet as the food naturally is more hydrated.
We never recommend this. Your dog’s stomach is specifically designed to break down bone content and bacteria efficiently. As processed food moves through the digestive system more slowly, the bacteria from the raw food is delayed in its journey by the processed food. To transition simply, fast your dog for one meal, and straight switch to the new raw meals at the next meal. This is the safest way.
At Naked Dog we strive to keep your dog healthy and happy. That’s why we think raw is best and provide an additive-free, unadulterated, wholesome and nutritional raw food for your dogs. We have over 40 years experience creating meals with meat, your dog is in safe hands with Naked Dog. All of our products are carefully created to give your dog the best quality ingredients to improve their health and vitality… and they love the recipes too! Trust us; our family of pooches have tested them and they passed the woof-o-meter.
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The reality is there is no one direct answer. However it makes sense that all creatures, pets, wild animals and even us humans, are healthier eating fresh, wholefoods than we are eating processed foods. A good dog food will provide the full nutritional requirements for your dog based on the EU nutrition guidelines, but fresh food will always provide nutrition beyond those basic guidelines.
Usually, a better dog food will have a higher meat content. This stems from the notion that animal proteins will give your dog higher nutrition compared to grains and vegetable or plant proteins. This does not mean that your dog does not require any plant-based food items, so any diet you give your dog should have animal-based and a small amount of plant-based components.

The most important thing to remember is to not ideally give a vegan diet to dogs, this could lead to nutritional deficiencies and ultimately lead to diseases.  We would encourage you to alwasy include meat from your dog’s diet. Your dog is Facultative Carnivore, and needs fresh meat proteins for long term health.

The answer is fresh food is always better! Just like our complete and balanced Raw Meals. Our Cold Pressed dry food is a step towards fresh food from a heat-processed dry dog food.

Do check out our blog for the many research studies highlighting why fresh food is better for dogs.

Here’s how real food makes a real difference

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